Business Services

Company Formation

There are many different forms that your business can take, from sole trader to partnership to limited company.   You might choose to be a social enterprise or a community interest club.  You might want to work on your own or you might want to employ staff.  You might want to self finance or you might want investors.  Whatever your plan, at Walton Kilgour we can work with you to establish – or change – your business structure.  We can also register your company with Companies House and register your business with HMRC.

Business Plans and Cash Flow Forecasting

Everybody has a great idea for a business, product or service.  But turning an idea into an opportunity requires an understanding of how you’re going to create your product or service, an understanding of the market you are going to operate in and an understanding of the resources available to get the idea out of your head and into the hands of somebody who wants to purchase it.  At Walton Kilgour, we can help you create business plans that help you create a great business – and we can do it in a format that banks and investors recognise.

A cash flow forecast will help you plan how much you expect to make in sales, how much you expect to spend in costs and when money is likely to come into and leave your bank account.  This information is key for helping you decide everything from whether you are able to offer a new product or service, whether you can afford to hire a new member of staff or have the resources to invest in a new asset.