Bookkeeping & Payroll


It is a statutory requirement to keep adequate financial records for HMRC.

Whether you dread sitting down at the end of a long day to do paperwork or are simply too busy to do your own bookkeeping, Walton Kilgour can help.

We offer a full bookkeeping service tailored to your needs.  We can take care of all of your paperwork to ensure your records are kept up to date on a regular basis, whether for VAT or management account purposes.

Payroll & Pensions

Your financial obligations to both your staff and to HMRC are key components of your business but can be time consuming and require patience and concentration.  At Walton Kilgour we can administer all of your payroll requirements and ensure your staff are paid on time and help you met your PAYE obligations.

If you have staff, most businesses are now required to offer a workplace pension scheme.  Automatic enrolment means you must automatically enrol every eligible worker into a scheme and make a minimum contribution each month.  We can help you set up a suitable scheme and administer it as part of our payroll services.