Year End Accounts

Your final set of accounts each year are used to calculate your tax liability and for filing with bodies such as Companies House.  They are also used to give you, your directors, your partners or your shareholders key information on the performance of the business.  At Walton Kilgour we work with you to prepare full and abbreviated accounts for regulatory filing and to help evaluate your performance and make sound decisions for the future.

We can assist in the preparation of accounts for:

Sole Traders


Limited Companies

Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP)

Audit Exempt Companies

Charities, including independent examinations

Management Accounts

No matter what point you are at in your tax year, do you know how well your business is performing financially. Most businesses will have a strong sense of whether they are performing well or performing poorly, but all businesses benefit from having the facts and figures available to hand with comprehensive management accounts.

Management accounts are usually a balance sheet, cash flow and income statement and are created as little or as often as you require them.  The information will allow you to make key short term decisions on the way your business operates.  At Walton Kilgour we prepare management accounts for many clients and enjoy seeing them make key decisions that benefit their business.