At Walton Kilgour, we publish a quarterly newsletter with news and information relevant to your business.

ISSUE SIX:  In our summer 2019 newsletter, we’ll look at what is the right level of NIC for the age of each employee, how you can simplify employee travel expenses, and how tax rules interact with ways businesses can help their staff stay fit and healthy.

ISSUE FIVE:  In our Spring 2019 newsletter, we’ll look more at “Making Tax Digital” rules and requirements, and how March is a good month to check your making appropriate pension contributions as we approach the end of the financial year.  We’ll also look at loan charges, live-in workers, and structures and buildings allowances.

ISSUE FOUR: :  In our Winter 2018 newsletter, we’ll look at what software solutions your business may have to consider from 1st April 2019 when “Making Tax Digital” becomes compulsory for VAT returns;  how pension planning is important is as you approach your year-end;  and how interest from PPI claims can affect your annual tax return.

BUDGET 2018::  In our budget newsletter, we’ll look in more detail at some of the Chancellor’s Budget announcements and how they affect your business.

ISSUE THREE:  In our Autumn 2018 newsletter, you’ll learn more about how “Making Tax Digital” will affect your business, what are the pros and cons of electric company cars and what are the penalties for late payment of PAYE.

ISSUE TWO: In our Summer 2018 newsletter, you’ll learn more about choosing childcare tax free child support, the latest on the tax position of electric vehicles for employers, new rules for termination payments, and what proportion of HMRC late filing penalties are cancelled.

ISSUE ONE:  In our Spring 2018 newsletter, you’ll learn more about the new national minimum wage, some useful tips when paying children to work in your business, how to avoid VAT surcharges, and much more.